Created By Danielle Murrell, Online Brand & Business Coach For Women Entrepreneurs 

Make Poppin’ Videos with iMovie

Learn How To Edit Videos That Standout with iMovie. FOR MAC USERS ONLY! REFUNDS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE iMOVIE. Please check your computer for iMovie and Keynote before purchasing. The goal of this class is to show you how to use free and paid softwares to achieve video success. This class will be broken down into 3 parts: Pre-production, Production and Post Production!  During the pre-production portion we will discuss software, equipment, lighting and scripting.  During the production portion will discuss shooting videos,green screen, text effects, backgrounds, importing and exporting files   In the post production portion, we will discuss jump cutting, transitions, adding images, layers, picture within picture, chroma key, sound effects and creating thumbnails. I will also show you how to make square videos and iphone 6 videos as well as apps to you use on your phone.

InDesign Basics 101

• LEARN HOW TO MAKE CUTE WORKBOOKS AND .PDFS IN UNDER 90 MINUTES! • MAKE .PDFs fillable so you can make documents that can be filled out digitally • Instant Access! So you can begin right away

Make Your Brand Pop

How To Make Graphics That Are Standout and Get Attention Online with Photoshop and Canva! Learn How To Make a Logo, Create a Brand Moodboard and Cut Yourself Of Pictures!

The Rich Girl’s Guide To Using OBS

This free online software allows you to broadcast Facebook Lives from your desktop as well as allowing you to switch and share your screen. Although this software is extremely powerful and handy, it can seem overwhelming even for people who consider themselves tech savvy. This guide is meant to share with you how to set up OBS to broadcast from your Facebook fanpage, Facebook groups and timeline.

Brainstorming Your Brand VIP Guide

29 colorful pages of Daily and Weekly Planners, Income Goal Worksheets, Planning Out Your Brand & Launch Worksheets  .PDF fillable so you can print it out or work on it online Instant Download! So you can begin right away

How to Have a Thriving Coaching Business

Work Less and Make More Income In The Next 30 Days or Less 

Online Success Bundle - For Coaches & Service Providers

6 worksheets to help you: Audit your brand so it is attractive to your ideal clients Identify who would best benefit from your offer and be able to invest in it Determine what your offer should be valued at How to create a signature offer How to turn fans into discovery sessions  Discovery session conversation cheat sheet to get your clients to say yes to your offer!

Package, Position, Promote and Profit from a Signature Offer.

Earn a minimum of $1500 per client and reach your income goal with ease! Masterclass workbook, slides and recorded replay livestream video will provided. Hey Girl Hey! Let me ask you… have you been trying to make 5 figures in your business but your numbers just aren’t cutting it? Have you been creating workshops, digital products, courses, events but when you do the numbers you have to enroll 20, 30, 50+ people to hit the numbers you need to do this full time?! I understand! I was in the same boat when I started my business 4 years ago, I was following all the gurus but I was stressed and struggling trying to increase my impact and income. Until one day, I invested in a high end coach who shared with me that I was doing it the long and hard way!!! That there was an easier way to make full time income in business leveraging proven, highly effective yet VERY SIMPLE business model.One where I only had to attract a few, ideal clients, only 4-7, each month to effortlessly hit my $10,000 a month goal! In this exclusive Masterclass, I want to show you how you can do it too!! Read the description with this video to determine if this masterclass is for you. I can’t wait to show you how to earn a minimum of $1,500 per client ease! In this Masterclass, you will: Discover the simple business model that allows you to enroll ONLY 4-7 clients per month to effortlessly hit the magical $10,000 month. Create a high ticket transformational offer that allows you to attract ideal clients who say YES to your offer and pay in full on the first call! Learn a HIGHLY effective way to generate quality premium leads without complicated software or funnels. Understand the art of “cherrypicking” allowing you to hand select clients on demand. This is Perfect for women who are: In a service based niche and has a skill or expertise that helps others grow in their life or business. Desiring a easier way to start seeing 5 figure months that doesn’t require them attracting a lot of clients to get there.Invested in their growth and has taken courses and programs but never on any that focused on creating a high income one on one package. Growing their audience on social media but haven’t figured out to turn the compliments to cash. Doing what the gurus are doing and creating courses, workshops and events but aren’t making enough income to their business full time.

$10K Business Revenue Strategy

This strategy is a simple way to get high end clients. It works because the customer gets to “taste” working with you and it is easier to sale a previous customer. 

How To Turn Fans Into High Paying Clients

This guide is perfect for women entrepreneurs who are coaches, consultants, or in a service based business, who have been building their brand and business on social media, attracting fans and followers, creating digital products, online courses, or maybe offering coaching, consulting, or done for you services, especially if your offers start out at a few hundred dollars, AND ARE NOT seeing the monthly income they desire!

Facebook Ads Introduction - FanPage Likes & Dark Post (Sponsored Ads) Facebook Campaigns

Learn how to leverage the power of Facebooks Ads with this introduction course on how to grow your Fanpage of targeted ideal fans and create sponsored posts.

How To Create A Business That Allows You To Work Less and Make More!

Make Your Brand Pop & inDesign Basics 101

Escape Your 9 to 5 and Do Your Biz Full Time Exit Plan Clarity Worksheets

Weekly Content, Connection, Cash Worksheet

Set Up For Success Online Business Consultants

Teaching women how to become a profitable Set Up For Success Online Business Consultants so they can work less and make more while having an impactful influence on the lives of others.

Manifestation Workbook

How To Set Up A Client Attraction Lead Generation Funnel

Learn How To Set Up a Client Attraction Lead Funnel that increases your awareness in front of targeted, ideal prospects, converts prospects into leads and leads into clients! Grow you leads, email subscribers and client consultations.... Perfect for coaches, consultants, experts and service based entrepreneurs who close clients over the phone via complimentary discovery or consultation calls! 

Brainstorming Your Business Worksheets