Make Your Brand Pop by Danielle Murrell

Make Your Brand Pop


How To Make Graphics That Are Standout and Get Attention Online with Photoshop and Canva! Learn How To Make a Logo, Create a Brand Moodboard and Cut Yourself Of Pictures!

What's included?

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Make Your Brand POP! 2.0
The Photoshop Dashboard and Tools
25 mins
How To Take Weight Off Your Pictures
7 mins
How To Touch Up Your Pictures
5 mins
How To Change The Color of Your Outfit
6 mins
Cut Yourself Out Of Images
4 mins
How To Create A Website Banner
6 mins
How To Pick Fonts
11 mins
Text Effects - Basic Character Changes and Photoshop Styles
16 mins
Text Effects - Clipping Masks
6 mins
Creating a Simple Logo With Text Effects
6 mins
How To Make Popping Graphics with Text Styles and Layered Elements
30 mins
Using Gaussian Blur Tool
8 mins
How To Make POPPIN' Social Media Graphics
14 mins
Elements - Searching
15 mins
Photoshop - How To Duplicate Layers
7 mins
Photoshop Tutorials
Creating a Logo in Photoshop
Creating a Moodboard in Photoshop
Layer Mask - Photoshop
Making a Header Banner in Photoshop
Cutting Yourself Out of Picture in Photoshop
Creating Social Media Templates in Photoshop
How To Use Color Overlay - Photoshop
Eye Dropper Tool & Glitter Background - Photoshop
How To Make a VIP Banner with Royalty Chair in Photoshop
Live Workshop Replay - Photoshop
Additional Trainings
Picking Logos
Picking Fonts
Picking Brand Colors
Choosing Patterns
Stock Photography
Canva Tutorials
How to Create a Moodboard in Canva
Creating Social Media Templates in Canva
How To Make Beautiful Graphics with Canva
Live Workshop Replay - Canva


Created By Danielle Murrell, Online Brand & Business Coach For Women Entrepreneurs