Make Your Brand Pop & inDesign Basics 101 by Danielle Murrell

Make Your Brand Pop & inDesign Basics 101

What's included?

How To Make a Logo

This short video shows how to make a logo

How To Make a Moodboard

This quick video shows how to make a moodboard

How To Plan a Brand Photoshoot

In this guide learning brand photoshoot tips.

InDesign Basics 101

• LEARN HOW TO MAKE CUTE WORKBOOKS AND .PDFS IN UNDER 90 MINUTES! • MAKE .PDFs fillable so you can make documents that can be filled out digitally • Instant Access! So you can begin right away

Make Poppin’ Videos with iMovie

Learn How To Edit Videos That Standout with iMovie. FOR MAC USERS ONLY! REFUNDS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR THOSE WHO DON'T HAVE iMOVIE. Please check your computer for iMovie and Keynote before purchasing. The goal of this class is to show you how to use free and paid softwares to achieve video success. This class will be broken down into 3 parts: Pre-production, Production and Post Production!  During the pre-production portion we will discuss software, equipment, lighting and scripting.  During the production portion will discuss shooting videos,green screen, text effects, backgrounds, importing and exporting files   In the post production portion, we will discuss jump cutting, transitions, adding images, layers, picture within picture, chroma key, sound effects and creating thumbnails. I will also show you how to make square videos and iphone 6 videos as well as apps to you use on your phone.

Make Your Brand Pop

How To Make Graphics That Are Standout and Get Attention Online with Photoshop and Canva! Learn How To Make a Logo, Create a Brand Moodboard and Cut Yourself Of Pictures!